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Mustard Rubbed Flank Steak

  • 1 1/2-2 lb flank steak
  • Mustard powder (also called dry mustard or mustard flour)
  • Butter (at room temperature)
  • Kosher salt and black pepper, to taste
  1. Remove flank from fridge about 30 minutes before cooking. Remove any visible fat on the steak. With a sharp knife, poke small scores all over, on both sides.
  2. Rub with dry mustard on both sides to coat. Also, rub both sides with black pepper.
  3. Preheat cast iron pan on medium-high.
  4. Rub butter on both sides of flank steak.
  5. Sprinkle kosher salt on both sides and place into dry, preheated and dry cast iron pan.
  6. Cook for 2-3 minutes until a nice brown has begun.
  7. Flip over and cook other side for same amount of time.
  8. Turn off heat and cover pan. Let rest in pan, on burner, for 5 minutes.
  9. Remove flank from pan and transfer to plate.
  10. Cover plate with a bowl or foil and let steak rest 6-10 minutes, to redistribute juices.
  11. Thinly slice and enjoy!

*As seen on Twin Cities Live September 11, 2017

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